OS Commerce – Software That Makes Online Shopping Easier

OS commerce is an open source shopping software program that is extensively used by small and medium scale industries. It helps to conduct the transaction online. It is an ecommerce online shopping solution that facilitates you with exclusive features. You can setup the online store quickly and for free as it is an open source based solution. The features that are available in OS commerce can easily be customized depending upon customer’s requirements. The core developers and OS commerce users has the authenticity to modify and develop it.

Customers visit the store of their interest to have a secure shopping. But the technology thought one step ahead and they had brought the store of online shopping. This is where OS commerce comes to light as this software provides you a user friendly store that has a shopping cart model. The customers have the privilege to view the status of their orders; detailed information can be accessed regarding the processed or shipped of the order, product updates and discount offers are sent to individual email account.

OS commerce comes with certain advantages:

1. Cost effective: Being open source software it is free to download and use.
2. Easy to use: A shopping cart model is being used that provides you different ways through which you can access your product catalog.
3. Flexible: OS commerce is highly flexible as it can be modified or edited by someone who has the efficiency.
4. Increase selling: Tools like product specials, reviews, newsletters update the customers and this lead to the increase in sale.

The disadvantages of OS commerce:

1. Technical knowledge is required in case of customization.
2. OS commerce has limited technical support.
3. Featured products can only be available for marketing.

Today OS commerce is changing its phase and is moving forward to the next level of innovation. It is easy to maintain and also make it easier for store administrators to make their stores customer friendly so that the customer can modify according to the requirements. There is no limit in case of categories and sub categories. In order to adopt OS commerce software solution it is important to be aware about it advantages and disadvantages, as this might decide the fate of your business. There are various ecommerce solutions available in the market but it depends upon the efficiency and knowledge of the users which solutions he would opt for that can bring success to his business.

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